GrapeOS is a compact, fast, and free operating system

GrapeOS is a hobby operating system written from scratch in FASM-style assembly language, for the x86 arch. The whole idea of my operating system is to be lightweight, and have very minimal requirements, while still being suitable for use in the modern times, and have lots of features.



We are currently working on out bootloader for GrapeOS, called GrapeLDR, and we are also working on out own filesystem for out bootloader, called GrapeFS, but to build our system, we need to make a disk image maker, so we need to work on that first.

Why Assembly?

We chose assembly because it is small and lightweight, and once you get used to it, it is very easy to program, and develop the operating system. Some people will say that assembly is not portable, but what if i don't want my operating system to be portable. My os is just a hobby os, and I don't want to port it to arm because arm sucks, and x86 rules.


Currently, their is no downloads, but their will soon be some.


Hi. We are the GrapeOS team, and we are trying to create an operating system that exceeds expectations.


You can contact me at my email,